We can provide the following manufacturing process for plastic parts
- Injection molded parts, injection machine capacity can be up to 1500 Tons,
- High precision molded parts, 0.001” tolerance ( usually for small parts),
- Extruded part,
- Vacuum formed part, such as blister, it is an vacuum formed part,
- Rotor molded part, such as soft toy, the head of the dollar is a rotor molded part,
- Rubber parts, such as key pad.
- Blow molded parts,
- Resin products.

We can handle most of the plastic and especially engineering plastic.
We have deal with most of the famous brand, such as GE, DUPONT, BAYER, DSM, AES, POLYONE, GLS, DEGUSSA, DOW, RTP, LNP, PHILLIPSCHEVRON…
What even you can tell, we can find.


We can provide the following manufacturing process for metal parts,
- Stamping parts,
- Aluminum die-casting parts,
- Magnesium die-casting parts,
- Zinc die-casting parts,
- Extruding parts,
- Precision machining parts,
- Investment casting and forging parts.


UNITED ASCENT has started tooling workshop since 1987 and built over 3,000 injection molds and die-casting molds for products of different industries.
Tooling for injection molding and die-casting requires very high precision technique and most of time greatly related to individual workmanship.
Standardization each tooling process plays a very important role in control the tool quality and maintains uniform quality. Mold drawing is a very good communication between the toolmaker and the buyer. Each customer has their unique thinking about their tools. Here is some information for all customer to have a more clear idea of what we doing, the way we doing and the material we used.


Most of time we use P20 ,420ESR or H13 grade steel for the tool
cavity/core/insert/slides depending on different product and requirement .
The imported steels are from
DAIDO (Japan)


The tooling cost is greatly depending on the mold life. Here is some reference of Our grading system,

Class I, mold life can reach 1million cycles.
Build for extremely high production parts.
All mold components are hardened, at least RC50 for the cavities/cores/inserts/slides.
Tooling cost can be 10 times of the normal tool and longer tooling lead time.
Class II, mold life can reach 500,000 cycles.
Only the main mold components are hardened.
Suitable for medium production part.
Class III,

mold life reaches at least 100,000 cycles.
Hardness for the main mold components is about RC30.
Suitable for low production parts and non-abrasive plastic material with reasonable tooling price.

Class IV, mold life is not guarantee, usually can reach 5,000 cycles and sometimes
Can reach 10,000 cycles depends on the complexity of the part.
Very suitable for sample production and testing tools with an advantage of low tooling cost and fast lead time.

We can develop a project for customer from an idea to a product ready to sale in the market. Provides,

Engineering design and development service
Fabrication from tooling to assembly of a complete product.
Assist to apply for UL approval
Assist in other aspect, such as shipping and forwarder information and coordination.

You are always welcomed to contact us for your idea although you may not have any idea how to sell or how many you can sell. We would not charge you any cost at the initial development stage.



Other than part manufacturing and OEM product manufacturing, we also source products for our customer from other industries. Nowadays, over 60% of the world’s manufacturing process is carried in China. Our strong sourcing team definitely can source the target products for our customer with the right price and the right quality.
Industries, such as electronic and electrical products, household products, gift and novelty items, Garment and bags…..